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Owner of Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil Products Celebrates 10 Years in Business With New Rebrand

Melichsia Boss is a successful entrepreneur who is the owner of BDI Enterprises & Brands, LLC. Her most popular brand, Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil (PJBCO), is a hair care product that specializes in promoting, healthy hair growth. PJBCO has been on the market since 2011, but the hair oil recipes have been passed down in her family for over ten decades. Celebrating over 10 years in the hair care industry, BDI Enterprises & Brands has decided to rebrand and reintroduce PJBCO to the market with a new logo, an updated website, the same improved products, and an expansion of their wholesale private label program.

PJBCO has proven to be an effective hair product that treats dry, and damaged hair by, helping it to regrow, and by strengthening it from root to tip. If you have dry, split ends and thinning hair, this oil can help with that. It stimulates hair growth for all hair types and helps to regrow hair in bald spots from alopecia (hair loss), chemical treatment, and stress. Additionally, the oil strengthens and increases the length of your hair faster than any other brand on the market today. These products work great on all kinds of natural hair to grow long, beautiful, and healthy hair and edges. The company also specializes in hair shampoos and conditioners.

PJBCO products have been, around for years, but have been totally flying under the radar. They get their names from their rich dark brown color. Unlike traditional castor oil which is extracted from cold-pressed castor plant seeds and is a colorless or very pale yellow color, PJBCO oil is extracted via heat. The seeds are roasted then pulverized, before being mixed with water to form a mash-like consistency. Then the bean mix is slow-boiled on a wood fire. The result is an extra-thick, amber-colored oil that, has a smoky scent. 

PJBCO brand is different from other Jamaican black castor oil manufacturers because of their supplement nutrient blend of ingredients. Many Jamaican black castor oil companies provide traditional castor oil. But PJBCO is not just traditional castor oil. PJBCO is enriched with high-quality hair growth aids and oils to support and increase hair growth. 

PJBCO is expanding on its wholesale program. There is a great opportunity to partner, with PJBCO, by purchasing in bulk/wholesale and/or using their private labeling program. They know that there are a lot of Jamaican Black castor oil businesses, out competing for your attention. As the market continues to grow, more businesses are bound to join in. So, it makes sense for you to wonder why you should partner with PJBCO.

Entrepreneurs who want to start selling PJBCO products with no prior experience, their private labeling program is a great way to start. You can put your own label on any of their products. Having your own brand differentiates your distributorship from the competitors. No one else has the same brand, which helps stave off price wars with competitors over identical products. There are many customers out there who want the extensive benefits of PJBCO. Partnering with PJBCO allows you to reach these customers, dramatically expanding your potential sales.

At BDI Enterprises & Brands, LLC their mission is simple: to provide the best products and services to customers at the lowest prices possible. They take great pride in their company, their commitment to customer service, and the products they sell. The company’s online store is designed to provide customers with a safe and secure environment to browse their product catalog.

Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil is striving to build a brand that anyone can feel comfortable with. When you partner with this unique brand, you’re partnering with a brand that is growing, sophisticated and inclusive. Potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil truly believes that when their partners succeed, they succeed. That’s, why they put a major emphasis on customer support. When you reach out to them with a question or concern, you’ll receive a timely, attentive, and effective response. This is a brand that values its partnership with its wholesale distributors and is committed to ensuring its relationship mutually beneficial.

For more details and/or to make a purchase, visit PotentBlackCastorOil.com

For press inquiries, contact msboss@PotentBlackCastorOil.com or 888-507-1577 ext 23.

Source: BlackBusiness.com

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