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Newlyweds Skip Honeymoon, Open New Dollar Store Instead

Newlywed couple and business partners Antonio and Andrea Williams say they postponed their honeymoon because they wanted to immediately launch their first retail business, Tryon Dollar Store. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the business fully opened about 2 months after their wedding.

Immediately following their wedding in October 2020, the Williams’ resumed their business plan. They cleverly decided to open a dollar store even during the pandemic as cleaning products and other household items have become more essential than ever.

Tryon Dollar Store opened in December 2020 and instantly became a hit in their community. They surveyed nearby residents from several apartment complexes in the area so they would know what items to put in stock.

However, they weren’t able to anticipate the need for a much larger space for the store. Fortunately, the art gallery next door moved out and they managed to lease the additional space and expanded the store area from 1,400 square feet to 2,800 square feet.

The couple is also very hands-on with customer service and they sometimes go “from being owners to managers, and sometimes, employees,” they said. But they still find time for themselves, often unwinding with a movie and singing karaoke while at home.

“You have to have the right partner who balances you out, one who you can collaborate with and have open dialogue with to bounce things off of each other, where you can work seamlessly together day in and day out,” Andrea told Q City Metro.

Before the pandemic, Antonio and Andrea also loved traveling and they are looking forward to having their honeymoon one day. They also plan to get on with another venture in the real estate industry once they fully established the Tryon Dollar Store.

For more information about Tryon Dollar Store, visit TryonDollar.com or visit the store located at 10720 S. Tryon St., Unit J, Charlotte, NC in the South Point Village Shopping Center.

Source: BlackBusiness.com

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