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[NEW VIDEO] Young Lyric “Bih Brazy”

Young Lyric, who is a well known emcee out Houston Texas definitely look to start the year off with a bang. Recently she dropped an exclusive video called “Bih Brazy,” which you can find on her latest mixtape “Execution,” that you can all go stream now.

In this song, you can find her rapping about leaving her haters devastated, ignoring the gossip, getting paid shows, elevating to new levels, and putting her hometown on the map. Young Lyric also exposes why most people remain broke and stagnated in life.

The horror movie scenery of this video gives off a symbolic message that this rising star is gonna be a serious problem in the Hip Hop World. She definitely let’s it be known that the top spot is hers. I encourage you all to check out the video below and download Young Lyric’s mixtape.

Twitter: @lyrikkal
Instagram: @thereallyricmichell
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/execution/1440070573

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