[NEW VIDEO] Noell “Love Without Ownership” Produced By Jay Uncut

R&B music back in the days use to be real soulful. Over the last few years we have watched this genre of music merge with Hip Hop. Using autotunes has become every artist favorite tool to use. Many of them have reaped the benefits of this new creation, while talented singers began to be overlooked.

Noell aka Tyler Noell is an upcoming R&B star from Maryland, who looks to bring substance and meaningful music back to the surface. During her early childhood days, Noell found herself living her dreams as a singer. She received her first opportunity to sing in front of people at her Church. The members who attended the ceremony every Sunday was astonished by voice. This motivated her to go harder. Later on she ended up performing the National Anthem at the local basketball games for her High School.

Soon after Noell graduated, she joined an R&B group in Washington D.C. called “Env’d” and began her career as a recording artist. Even though they worked great together, they all decided that being a solo artist would be better. After the breakup Noell moved to New York City and later on to Atlanta Georgia, where she was able to finally take off.

Performing at Gucci Manes’s concert was one of her biggest accomplishments. Labels executives began doing their research soon after Noell’s name and work started circulating on the blog sites. Now this young rising legend is currently signed to an independent label called “Loyal Money Entertainment”, which she recently release her single / video “Love Without Ownership” under. It premiered today on YouTube at 12am. The song will also be on her new EP “Ego Aside” that Noell plans release sometime next year.

If you like R&B love songs that inspire you to show your spouse love, loyalty, and affection, this record is for you. Check out the video below and go stream the hit single on your favorite digital platforms.

Instagram: @noellofficial

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-without-ownership-single/1444556753