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[NEW VIDEO] Mazee “Hit A Lick”

New Jersey has another great rap star on the rise. Mazee, who began making music at the age of 7, recently premiered an exclusive new video to his latest single “Hit A Lick” on YouTube. In this video you can find him outside his neighborhood rapping about the trap, being one of the greatest to put on for his city, standing out from the rest, not becoming a static, getting to the bag, and eliminating the competition. 

Mazee grew up listening to Jay-z, Jadakiss, and Lil Wayne. Lyrically you can definitely tell he follows in the footsteps of these legends. When Mazee said “Dirty money that’s my fragrance, I’m always dressed for the occasion, if I want it then I take it, what you need I could arrange it, my whole team getting raises, Max B I’m so wavey, I get lost when I jump in the water, I’m feeling like I need a navy” shows that he can stand amongst the greats and become an icon himself. Check out the video below and share it with your network of people. 

Instagram: @therealmazee

Twitter: @therealmazee

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