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[NEW VIDEO] Bobbi Storm “Lazy Love”

Bobbi Storm recently released a new video called “Lazy Love”, where she pours out her feeling about a breakup she just encountered with the man she once loved. Her dream has always been to find a man who would love and appreciate the things she does. Who doesn’t want that Jay-z and Beyoncé type of relationships? Unfortunately it seems like most people struggle to find that ride or die, so Bobbi Storm lets it be known that you guys aren’t on this road by yourselves.

She picked the perfect scenery for this exclusive heartbreak record. If I can sum it up in one word, Bobbi Storm went “ghost” on her man after being mistreated for so long. If you ever had someone who took your kindness for weakness, I encourage you to check out the video and show your support, by sharing it with your friend on social media. The love is appreciated for sure.

Instagram: @bobbi_storm
Twitter: @bobbi_storm

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