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[NEW MUSIC] Yvng Swag “Say My Name” ft. Natalie Nichole

Since the launch of “Small Town Act”, Yvng Swag has been making a killing nationwide. Numerous fans across the globe have made several dance videos to his hit single “Chick Fil Ayee”, despite the new Popeyes Chicken Sandwich being a trending topic right now. His most recent success got him booked to perform in Canada, Delaware, and New York. 

After creating so much momentum off his most recent moves, Yvng Swag decided to drop a video called “Say My Name” ft. Natalie Nichole, where you can find them showing their love and affection to each other. Both artists feel like they’re an inspiration to one another. 

Yvng Swag let’s it be known that she is a breathe of fresh air. He’s definitely sprung by her looks and body. Natalie Nichole rebuttals expressing how she wants to become wifey material. For a while she’s been watching him on Instagram and warns the R&B superstar not to get close because he’s gonna end up falling deep in love. I recommend you all go check out their video and let your people know it’s a must watch. 

Instagram: @yvngswag

Instagram: @natalie_moments

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