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New Music: Nemo Dilinga x F.A.M – Wine Pon Mi!

Brooklyn, NY is the kind of borough where you have to sound really good for people to give you a minute of their time, much less a slot on their playlist. Collaborations are a dime a dozen, but the right collab will make the right people nod their heads and recommend you to others. This is the case with Nemo Dilinga and F.A.M (Forever After Money) who have merged Dancehall and Trap on their single “Wine Pon Mi.”

Both F.A.M and Nemo Dilinga happened to be in the studio in Brooklyn and got to talking, which led to story telling in which F.A.M shared a scenario that happened to him. Nemo and the engineer said “that sounds like a song,” so F.A.M went into the booth and told the story. Nemo added authentic Jamaican vibes which explains why ladies have a weakness for Caribbean men, and voila, in comes the musical ting called “Wine Pon Mi.”

Listen on Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/song/natashavonc/nemo-dilinga-x-f-a-m-wine-pon-mi

Seducing chick lyrically, F.A.M says: “girl I love the way you wine pon me / I see you got your eyes on me / I know you wanna ride with me / bun a spliff and get high with me / you can touch the sky with me / you can live and die with me ….” With the tempo switch up, Nemo Dilinga says: “you know me / prefer the BD / no matta / still have she sweating heavy / she never ready fih style weh me unleash / under lock and key like Jet Li ….”

Both artists appear courtesy of newly formed Beckford Music Group who is based in Brooklyn.

Connect with them on the gram and let them know what you think of the song. @x__fam__x | @nemo_dilinga

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