NeekDaSkittz Ft Bun B – “Back 2 Back”

Today Houston based emcee NeekDaSkittz drops the visual to his new song “Back 2 Back” with legendary Houston rapper Bun B. Inspired by the surreal experience of meeting legendary rapper Pimp C, NeekDaSkittz, has since vowed to never let down his uncles Bun B, Pimp C and Truck on his path to finding success as a rapper and entertainer.

“I’ve been in the choir, some dance groups and stuff like that my whole life. Anything that had to do with entertainment really.” NeekDaSkittz said. “But as far as rapping, the first time I met Pimp C I was 13 or 14 and it was over from there. I was with my Uncle Truck because Pimp wanted to give my Uncle a DVD to sell or something. So we pulled up to the Saks Fifth entrance and I remember seeing this red candy paint Bentley, wood grain and it had UGK in the headrest. I’m just looking around and looking at the car and I see Pimp C. I’ve never been star struck, but I was star struck when I met Pimp C. He told me whatever you do be great at it and don’t stop. So I live by that.”

The connection with UGK has stayed strong over the years as Bun B actually reached out to NeekDaSkittz to do a song on Pimp C’s birthday anniversary.

“One day me and my Uncle Truck were just in the studio, I was writing and Bun called Truck out the blue and Bun was like, ‘Hey whats up, nephew ready? I think he ready now.’ So we set up the studio session and crazy thing is he called me on Pimp C’s birthday to do a song with him. I don’t know what made this man do this, but we did the “Back 2 Back” song and another one I want to put out on my birthday. I’m the first person to go back to back with Bun B on a track, so I felt really special.”

Trading verses “Back 2 Back” with Bun B, NeekDaSkittz fans will find his music is Hip-Hop but nevertheless a genre unto itself.

“My music is like kind of its own genre, but there’s a little bit of grunge rap in there. I’m not a religious person but I believe in God so I question everything. I ask lots of questions and I’m one of those people that keeps asking questions until I get the answer. In my music I’m brutally honest and I don’t care what people say, but I try to throw in some humor. to balance it all out.”