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Monsieur Job Ft. Vick D – “Homie (Block Remix)” (Video)

Set to perform at this year’s ICON Awards in Colombia. Buzzworthy underground group Monsieur Job drop off a care package for fans before they hit the road in the release of their newest video, “Homie (Block Remix)”.

Featuring the talented Vick D, “Homie (Block Remix)” is an up-tempo new vibe for the band. A Latin backbeat accompanied by a sample of the guitar riff from the world famous Bob Marley & The Wailer’s single “Could You Be Loved” accompanied by Jamaican patois and a video packed with smooth dance moves and more – it’s the perfect Summer smash hit from coastal beaches to scorching hot dance floors. Aside from a Summer anthem, the video is a great introduction for newfound fans.

Establishing their foundation in the influential Los Angeles underground. Consisting of band members Toby Holguin (Leader), Charlie Illera, Leo Jaramillo. Uniting thanks to the music from across the globe with Charlie and Leo hailing from Columbia and Toby from Los Angeles. The band has a signature style of broken beats with a more festive, shaky, groovy Caribbean Latin flavor turning it into an international exclusive mash-up of world talents and a unique blend of genres.

“Homie (Block Remix)” is a set up to another big hit the band has on the way, titled, “Busque Mal”. All leading up to the promising new album set to follow the band’s previous chart-topping collective, Bass Passi. The project reached #2 on Top 200 for Best Albums on the Billboard Latin Rhythm Albums Chart.

For more Monsieur Job, follow the uprisers today on Insatgram.

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