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Mena – Gotta Go

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The musical legacy of New Orleans makes it the perfect background for MENA’s seductive, soulful voice. It is there that she teamed up with multi-platinum producer Carlos Stephens aka C- los Beats, who has over 75 million in credited record sales. Together they have crafted the perfect fusion of jazzy, bluesy, R&B and hip-hop-influenced songs which you can sample on MENA’s recently released EP, “Gotta Go.”

The EP’s title track has Carlos adding a splash of Hip Hop to MENA’s sultry, jazzy vocals, while she goes back to her jazz roots on the tantalizing “Waiting For.” The steady rhythm of the tom drum on “I Don’t Need You” blends perfectly with the soft inflections of catchy string and horn melodies. On the more wistful “Brown Eyes”, Mena talks about a relationship killed by infidelity over a soulful jazz and hip hop fusion track.

With a sound reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse, MENA’s music is what you’re playing as you soak in that bubble bath with a glass of wine, or on those lonely nights where you find yourself thinking about that cheating SOB that did you wrong.

MENA released her debut EP, “Who Was I”, in September 2017. Since then, she has gained traction worldwide with two additional singles, “Butterfly Dreams” and “Hooked” (December 2017) and a special Jazz EP, “She Knows” (released December 2018).

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