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Meet The Survior of DMV R&B: Eddie The Artist

Not long after I graduated from High School I was diagnosed with a disease. Inside a tumor the size of a golf ball was Lymphoma Cancer. I could barely remember what was just said to me or keep up with conversations. While losing a lot of my memory, there was one thing that stuck around and resonated in my mind, lyrics & music!

They say music keeps people “sane,” for Eddie The Artist, it kept him alive. While sitting in his hospital room, Eddie would turn listen to music on his iPod and sing to uplift his spirit. It kept him “sane” throughout the harsh chemotherapy treatments and other medications during his remission period. “I overcame a deadly disease and I am still going along with my destiny that I am forging,” Eddie told me with tears in his eyes. That raw emotion is the exact reason why I was drawn to him from day one.

Music brings great uniformity in a world with much division. The ability of a artist to relate to different type of people is powerful. Eddie The Artist embodies all of those traits! Another reason why he is able to relate to so many people, besides from a incredible inspiring backstory, is growing up within four different school sin the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region. “From the people’s personalities, to the way of living, teaching me so much diversity and the different styles of people,” Eddie said and then paused for a minute. I asked him if he needed a break, if everything was okay.

He then proceeded to tell me “Yes, during this period I also realized my ability to curate music touched people form different background and cultures! Regardless of who I am, it spoke volumes to me people found joy in my sound and It made me realize music is for me.” Like his inspirations Luther Vandross, Chris Brown, and Usher, watch out for Eddie The Artist in the near future to motivate and inspire musicians with his incredible backstory. Continue to follow him and his journey here.

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