Meet DMV artist Kase Cobain

Define star power in your own words?

 To me star power is influence.

What does the DMV mean to you and where do you see it’s music seen going?

– Obviously DMV means DC, Maryland and Virginia but I feel as if the DMV music scene is on the rise and will soon be the next Atlanta, Cali or New York.

How would you help assist getting the DMV into national spotlight?

– If I had to make a song to put the DMV culture in the national spotlight I would make a song featuring some of my favorite DMV artist.

What keeps you going in a difficult music industry?

– What keeps me going in this industry is my passion and love for music. Some artist in the industry don’t even love the art they’re just doing it for money. Maybe if I was only in it for the money I would’ve stopped awhile ago and picked up something that would make me money fast but I love music so that’s what keeps me going.

Three facts about you?

– 1. I originally wanted to be an R&B singer 2. I was born with 11 fingers 3. I’m Haitian but have never been to Haiti

What do you got coming up?

– I just dropped my video to my first single off of my upcoming project C’est La Vie which is expected to release in September.

Where can we find you at and final thoughts?

– Instagram: kasecobain Twitter: @Kase_Cobain
– None Of A Kind is taking over. Be ready.