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Meek Mill Helped Inspire Virginia’s Governor To Sign A New Probation Reform Bill

Philly’s current rap king Meek Mill has made it a highly-publicized personal mission to make change in the judicial system so that people, Black men in particular, aren’t unnecessarily sitting in prison cells. The Championships emcee was abe to accomplish that through many recent acts of activism, including the release of a documentary on the subject titled Free Meek, and his efforts have now even helped inspire Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia to sign a new probation reform law that was backed by the rapper.

The new bill is referred to as HB 2038, which Northam signed into law yesterday (June 10). What this means is that there will now be a limit on how much “active incarceration” a court can order for a person’s probation violation. Meek was more than happy to join the VA governor at the signing, simply stating, “I have the resources and I’m in a position to do better to help. I’ll make sure I’ll be able to deliver and close every bridge I can to help fix the system, because I was affected by that.”

He echoed those same sentiments while thanking Northam on Twitter, writing that the move was, “Ain’t nothing but a lil bit of straighten,” and continued by adding, “Thankyou governor for signing bull it will help many lives! [sic]”

As many Meek fans are aware, the rapper has been on his criminal justice reform tip for a minute now, sparked primarily by his own prison sentence back in 2017 for violating parole. That case had a happy ending when he was released a year later following credibility issues with the arresting officer which led to an appeal. The whole ordeal was overturned completely in 2019, which is all documented in detail throughout the aforementioned Free Meek doc.

Major props to Meek Mill for doing what he can for the people. This is a perfect example of what can happen when emcees use their platform for positivity as opposed to negativity like a rap beef — Ok, maybe a little bit of that for entertainment purposes, but we definitely want to see more activism in rap!

Source: BlackAmericaWeb

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