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A Maryland woman starts a nonprofit offering mobile shower units for the homeless, Fox 5 DC reports.

Omolayo Adebayo said she first came up with the idea for her organization in a dream four years ago. Adebayo said she dreamt that a man was standing in front of a mobile shower unit saying “Thank you.” null

“And that came around the time God was pushing me to start a non-profit. So once I had that dream, it solidified…this is what the non-profit was for, to have this mobile shower,” she explained. 

Four years later, the 32-year-old has made her dream happen, launching The Neighborhood Well and raising more than $50,000 to purchase a dual shower and bathroom unit that those who are unhoused can use for free.

Adebayo said she always dreamed of giving back but wasn’t sure quite how until the dream in 2017. After doing her research she was finally able to bring that dream to life, rolling out the mobile unit last October in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Currently, the unit is located at the First United Methodist Church of Hyattsville with Adebayo planning to offer free showers every second and fourth Saturday. The plan is for the church to host the unit for at least six months as part of a pilot program which also provides toiletries, refreshments and fresh underclothes to users.

Thus far, four people have shown up to use the shower, a number Adebayo hopes will grow soon. While she understands showering is a deeply personal experience and some may be reluctant, she hopes those in need will take advantage of the service.

“The type of service that we’re providing is something that is a vulnerable experience for anyone. It’s something that our unhoused neighbors have to feel comfortable with doing in general…We all know what that fresh feeling is like. But then to add for someone who doesn’t know where their next shower is coming from, or some people who may not shower in weeks…it’s just a new sense of self,” said Adebayo. 

She’s hoping her efforts will inspire other community leaders to get involved and is looking to expand to the D.C. area soon. She also hopes to bolster transportation efforts by partnering with more churches willing to bring those experiencing homelessness to the mobile shower unit. She is currently accepting winter clothes donations for those in need, program sponsors and galvanizing onsite partners who may want to provide additional social services.

“Love others with an open heart and an open mind. You never really know what people are going through. You never really know where people are coming from,” said Adebayo. 

Original News Source: BOTWC

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