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A Maryland teen is making history as the youngest private glider pilot in the nation, WUSA 9 reports.

Caleb Smith is a high school sophomore at Charles H. Flowers HS in Prince George’s County, MD who developed an affinity for flying at an early age. It all began on his 10th birthday when he took a discovery flight in Bowie, MD. Throughout the years, he’s continued to receive ground instruction and airtime but during the pandemic, he really flourished.

Caleb was able to earn a scholarship to gliding school this past spring, allowing him to master his craft. Since then, he’s completed his first solo flight, 33 total flights, continued another 12 solo flights, passed his written exam with the Federal Aviation Administration, and received his glider pilot’s license. At just 16-years-old, the FAA has officially confirmed that Caleb is the youngest private glider pilot in the U.S.

After graduation, he plans to attend the U.S. Air Force Military Academy and eventually become a commercial airline pilot. Caleb and his parents hope his story inspires other young people to know that they can achieve their wildest dreams.

News Source: BOTWC/ BlackNews.com

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