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#LetTheStarsShine: get familiar with ETOC

Buzzing east coast rapper ETOC continues to make headlines with his new single “RAIN“.

SM- Etoc what’s going on my friend? I see that your still buzzing and doing your thing, how’s life been treating you?

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I’m doing very well, staying busy, always writing and recording… hope everything is well with you!

SM – All good, for the folks who may not know, what City are you from?

I am originally from Rhode Island, but now I am living in Orlando, Florida

SM- What is your musical background? Anything stand out from when you were younger?

I grew up playing the piano, but really got into hip hop from my older cousin. He introduced me to Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, 2Pac, Biggie. I was entrigued by how they sounded, their flow, their ability to story tell while still rhyming and putting words together. Another big influence when I was younger was the movie “8 Mile”. That soundtrack was the first CD I ever owned. I have watched that movie hundreds of times.

SM- Let’s jump right into to this huge record call “RAIN”? Why release this song out of all the music in your catalog?

I love the message behind this record. The bars reflect my true regret and emotions with a relationship gone bad. The chorus is catchy, but still real. Overall it is a banging song but still contains content that anyone can relate to. I’m proud of that.

SM- I see that the single is doing serious number with over 41.000 plays on Sound cloud and 14.000 streams on Spotify within a couple of weeks! Has the response from the song been overwhelming for you thus far?

It is unbelievable man. I am truly grateful to all my fans and people that have taken the time to take a listen. I hope they were able to digest the message and found escape in the music.

SM- Why do you think your receiving so much love and good feedback from the song?

It’s because of the message. The song itself is catchy, but it isn’t one dimensional. It is relatable and my true self, thoughts, and emotions are exposed.

SM- Now we know this is a major leadoff single, does that mean there’s an album in the works?

I definitely have content lined up, and a theme for an album inmind, but for now I am going to release singles on a regular basisfor the fans.

SM- Has any record labels or major holla at you for any features or business because of your success?

Not yet. I have gotten some major radio play in Europe. Getting the ball rolling with my terrific marketing team has been an amazing experience, and this is only the beginning. We will see what happens in the near future.

SM – Any big news coming up that we should be on the look out for?

I will be dropping some dope follow up singles to “Rain”. Be on the look out for that. They are true bangers, with relatable content and meaningful bars. That is something I pride myself on.

SM – Why should people support your music?

People should support my music because of the quality of the product and the content I create. No two songs sound the same, no two songs contain the same message. I put my heart and soul in to every single word I write and into every second I record. I want to provide my fans with a way to escape from tough situations, listen to music they can relate to, and cause them to think. I am truly grateful for my fans and want to provide them with my best efforts that contains my true self.

LISTEN NOW: “Rain” by Etoc https://soundcloud.com/etocmusic/rain https://spoti.fi/2XEWxNf

CONNECT NOW Instagram: www.instagram.com/musicofetoc Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/etocmusic YouTube: https://bit.ly/2Npa9Iw

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