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Movement Starts For LeBron James To Speak At The Democratic National Convention

On the eve of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), there is a growing movement calling for LeBron James to be included among the slate of speakers scheduled to take part in the historic occasion being held remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic. The calls came as the NBA superstar has been increasingly vocal when it comes to politics and social justice.

The idea for James to speak at the DNC seemingly began during Saturday morning’s episode of AMJoy on MSNBC during a panel discussion about what Democrats needed to do in terms of outreach to Black men in particular. Tiffany Cross, the anchor who was moderating, asked her Black male panelists for their opinions on the matter, prompting journalist Elie Mystal to suggest LeBron speak at the DNC.

Mystal was addressing the DNC’s scheduled speakers that have a collective average age of 60+ years old, something that could be seen as a turn-off to progressive voters who don’t exactly ascribe to the Democrats’ traditional approach to politics that has been described as being out of touch.

According to data from Pew Research Center, 14 percent of Black men voted for Donald Trump in 2016. While virtually all polling shows that Joe Biden is expected to beat Trump, as the country saw four years ago, there is no guarantee for who will win. Injecting James into the mix to address a group that arguably has been ignored by the Democratscouldn’t hurt if they truly want to reach Black men voters.

Source/ NewsOne

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