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Le Blasé Cannabis Vaping Company Launches First Product “Celui”

Today forward thinking French vape company Le Blasé announced the launch of their new cannabis brand.  Translated to English “Le Blasé” literally means “the jaded,” and signifies the brand’s expansion away from the gimmicks of the overcrowded cannabis industry and its brands with a move to meet the consumer with a high quality product. 
Aligning the brand with connoisseur consumers of cannabis related products, who have surpassed the frills and gimmicks of the cannabis industry, Le Blasé brings a product to market that’s never been seen before on the cannabis vaping market. 

“We got tired of all of the schemes and tricks to deceive the consumer in the cannabis industry for a quick dollar. That’s why we are somewhat jaded with what has occurred in this industry over the past few years with tricks and ploys to get the consumer to buy in with out any real value,” Jonathan Andrade Chief Marketing Executive for Le Blasé said. “We want to give people a product that his high in quality and that dispels some of the perceived stereotypes of the cannabis industry and it’s users.”
Creating an exquisite and quality focused company, the Le Blasé has values guided by behavior, attitude, style and quality. As exhibited in their marketing materials, the branding and overall message of Le Blasé is sexy, sheik and stylish.
Le Blasé’s first product is called Celui, which translates to “The One.”  With the release of CeluiLe Blasé anticipates a change in the way people look at vaping.
Within the product’s packaging and design, Le Blasé has a preeminent focus on European style and fashion that influence the way customers become aware of and ultimately consume the product. 

Jonathan Andrade founded BKLKDMNDS and was responsible for collaborating and marketing with multi-platinum artists like Chris Brown, YG, TY Dolla $ign and Kid Ink to name a few; so he comes to this new venture with an understanding of how to reach young and impressionable consumers. 
“Vaping in some countries is a luxury. Our brand is luxury, who else is doing luxury in vape at the rate we are? We have partnered with one of the biggest manufactures in the vape industry and with that said we will be the definition of luxury in the vape world,” The CEO of Le Blasé added. “We believe the consumer is disillusioned with sub-par products so we will be partnering with brands, artists and people like Jonathan Andrade who changed the YouTube game with BlkDmnds to find cutting edge ways to reach the consumer.”

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