LA SkyyWalker Looks To Take Over The Rap Game With His Creative Skills

Duane Walker Jr., better known as LA SkyyWalker (LA$W), is someone you definitely want to get familiar with, if really got love for Hip Hop music. Right now he currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he is building up a strong buzz with his unique raw spontaneous sound. This singer/rapper contributes to the genre in captivating ways.

LA SkyyWalker just released three new projects called “Muhddman”, “Denny’s”, and “Babyjynx41”, which you can find on iTunes for streaming purposes. On each of these projects you’ll get a different side of this young creative rapper. He shares with his fans, dark vivid stories about the trap life he got caught up living, along with the lavish lifestyle he now lives, while pursing music as a career.

LA SkyyWalker is on his way to becoming one of California’s hottest superstars to emerge from this new era of music. Check out his new videos “Lucy”, “Came Up”, and his three mixtape below. Feel free to share amongst you friends and connect with him because he is up next for sure.

Muhddman Mixtape:

Denny’s Mixtape:

Babyjynx41 Mixtape:

Instagram: @laskyywalker_gsmg
Twitter: @laskyywalker