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Kodak Black Delivers Air Conditioning Units to Broward County Project Residents

Kodak Black donated air conditioning units to residents at a Florida housing project, according to TMZ.

The Florida rapper, whose real name is Bill Kahan Kapri, purchased 100 air conditioning units at an approximate cost of $12,500 and hand-delivered them to residents at the Golden Acres Projects in Pompano Beach.

In a video posted to TMZ Sunday morning, Kodak is seen standing in the back of a loading truck containing the units, speaking to a small crowd of people recording him with phones.

“I remember when I had to take from people, so now that I’m blessed enough to give back that’s what I like to do,” Kodak said. “We out here, we passing out A.C. units, you know what I’m sayin, helping install them, and all that right now.”

In the video, the filmer, who is unnamed, begins speaking on Kodak’s behalf, explaining that this event is “allowing y’all to focus on a different type of energy” and that people often “get it twisted” about who Kodak is as a person.

“They be like man, Kodak sleep, Kodak this Kodak that. Well, check this out. Kodak back in his hood man, giving back,” the filmer said.

The “twisted” perception of Kodak that the filmer is likely referencing is the very real string of criminal offenses the rapper has been charged with, including sexual assault, kidnapping, battery, child neglect, and more.

The rapper is currently on probation after being charged with first-degree criminal sexual assault against a teenage girl who he allegedly bit and raped in a hotel room in 2016. He pled guilty to first-degree assault and battery and is serving 18-months of supervised state probation instead of jail time.

Source: BlackEnterprise

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