Khila Khi Drops New Visual “Opps” Featuring Shotty2Gunz

Swakhila Fishback Is a 24 year old upcoming rising star from Lexington, KY. Her stage name is Khila Khi, pronounced Keela Kee.  She is a Mother of two boys Braylen & Zyan. She decided to name her future record label after them. 

Khila Khi considers herself a Hip Hop Artist with versatility. She has the ability to perform and record all the genres of music that she loves. This challenges her to display her creativity and true talent. Khila started rapping when she was 9-years-old. She used to watch her brother and his friends rap and perform, which in turn made her his biggest fan. This is when he started taking her to the studio with him. 

This uprising talent has been performing and  dancing since she was 5-years-old. She had a rough upbringing and experienced childhood trauma. Khila was in and out of foster care due to domestic violence. This meant for her sisters and brothers that they all had to stick together.

Music has helped Khila express herself in ways that she never could and turned her pain into strengths. Her son’s made her see that her life needed to change after being in an abusive relationship with their Dad. This is the reason why every time Khila performs, she gives it her all. 

Khila is inspired by artists Cardi B, Eminem, and J. Cole. She loves real music, and artists with real life stories that is unafraid of being themselves. Khila’s future goals are to start her own label, start her own business, and be successful in both ventures. 

Khila Khi’s new video “Opps” featuring Shotty2Gunz is full of energy and will surely keep your attention. Khila definitely knows how to entertain and she does just this in her new visual. Check it out below and make sure to follow Khila Khi on Instagram @Khila_khi