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Producer, Jay E’s Newest Project Shows Off The Best In STL


We didn’t realize how much we missed those classic  Basement Beats tracks until we heard hits off Grammy-nominated producer Jay E’s new compilation, Jay E Presents.  Factually they are not a lot of producers or production teams that have had the type of success that Basement Beats (Jay E, Wally & Koko) has had collectively Well it looks like the St. Louis native got his entire city together for his hit by hit EP and the project is another winner for the producer who dominated the billboards in the early 2000’s.

On Jay E Presents, Nelly, Chingy, J.R, Tef Poe, Fresco Kane, Keem and all the Lunatics make an appearance.  Tef Poe whose been dropping consistent hot records makes a strong impression on “Smoker’s Anthem.” In addition you guys have to check out Tef Poe’s recent drops via his soundcloud.

Now Jay E has been getting a lot of buzz and love from the media and blogs but one question that we had along with other reporters is. “What took so long for St. Louis to do something like this?”

“I always wanted to have like a Motown in St.  Louis because there is so much talent here,” said Jay E.  “This is something I’ve always wanted to do.  Everything was timing.  Back then I was new in the game but there were a lot of legalities with labels and my access is better now especially independently,” he explained.

When asked which of the artists he worked with surprised him the most Jay E says, “J.R.”  He’s more than a hip hop artist.  He’s a songwriter.  He’s melodic and commercially appealing but still very authentic.  Still St. Louis. Tef Poe is also very talented and he produces easily.  Tef adds a different element to the Midwest Rap thing but his work is a mixture of a lot of things.  You can’t really define it or categorize it.  Its a bit more conscious and informative.”

As for artists that the diamond-selling producer would like to work with, Jay E says,  “A lot. I would love to work with Kendrick, Tyler the Creator, Kanye, Jay-Z and probably Cardi and Nicki.”  Well if Jay E can mastermind putting together all of St. Louis for one project maybe he could get Cardi and Nicki in the studio together.  Or maybe we’re wishful thinking. It was a thought though…

Check out Jay E featuring Tef Poe on  “Smoker’s Anthem.”

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