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J. Reece Drops Video For New Single “Bad Thing”

Check out this new banger from rising Tucson, AZ artist star J. Reece!

J. Reece is the definition of On The Rise To Stardom and he’s here to bring that same energy into the music industry. J. Reece is promoting his new single “Bad Thing”. It was written to be played in the clubs and give girls something to dance to. A song with high energy, good rhythm, and a catchy hook.

S101: What is the inspiration behind what you do?

The inspiration behind what I do is to help build a hip-hop scene for my hometown, Tucson AZ. In Tucson there hasn’t been much opportunity for this avenue in the music industry, if any, and I plan to change that with my music and begin a movement for Tucson AZ.

S101: Why is this so valuable to you? And why now?

My inspiration is valuable because as a kid I went to every local studio and was unable to achieve a professional industry sound until I ventured out of the city. I want to be able to help bring and build studios with that professional industry sound and give kids who have talent better opportunities than I had when I was growing up in Tucson.

S101: What’s unique about this that separates it from the rest?

This song is unique and different from the rest because of the instrumentation and vocals. I have a sound vocally that is unlike any other in the industry and pair my vocals with instrumentals that compliment that sort of “South West” taste that the music industry has never heard before.

S101: Who was a part of this project that contributed to its success?

The people involved with this project that helped contribute to its success were one of the founding members of N.W.A. that goes by the name of “Arabian Prince”, a high scaled industry manager by the name of Steve Walker and investments by White Family Productions.

S101: How was this put together and how does it benefit the consumers?

The music video and song were put together all in Tucson, AZ and benefits the consumers by giving them something to play at the clubs and giving the girls something to dance to that’s hot, new, and different.

S101: What message are you hoping to get across to the people by doing what you do?

The message I hope to get across to the people by doing what I do is to show that hard work and persistence always pays off. Even when all odds are against you, there’s always a way to find a path to success if you put your head to it. No matter how many times you fall down, getting back up is key. Without failure, there will be no success.

S101: What are some other things people can expect from you in the near future?

Things people can expect from me in the near future are much more songs and music videos. I’m currently working on a couple new singles, an EP, and two more albums. This song was performed at the 2021 Arizona Hip Hop Festival and had a team of girls do a choreographed dance by a well known choreographer by the name of Jenzi. The song “Bad Thing” spins at the local clubs in Tucson and is beginning to branch out to other cities and states such as Phoenix, Miami, California, and Florida and is currently growing club to club as we speak.

Connect J. Reece on Instagram @jreece_h and watch the video below:

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