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Career-Tech Start-Up Interviewly Is Changing The Rules On How To Get A Job

Nationwide  Navigating fast-paced industry sectors and searching for a job can be pretty tough. Despite having an idea of what career one wants to pursue, not everyone has the capability to handle an interview skillfully. Because of this, the mobile application Interviewly was created to provide job seekers with the much-needed training that will push them to gain confidence, seize their dream jobs, and climb up the career ladder.

Interviewly is not only for the fresh job applicants; it also serves as an excellent guide for those who want to completely change their career path by letting them explore jobs based on the things they are passionate about.

The application prides itself in its commitment to providing users the opportunity to achieve more interviews by giving an in-depth guide on how to improve their chances of getting a job offer.

There are three phases to the program that guarantees the necessary upgrade an applicant needs. The first phase is called the Interview Activator, which acts as an interview workshop and focuses on increasing the candidate’s number of possible interviews. The second phase is the Interview Accelerator, which helps increase the candidate’s confidence during an interview and attracts more attention from recruiters in the process. The last phase, Salary Elevator, teaches candidates how to get the most out of job offers and effectively negotiate for the deserved salary.

In addition, the Interviewly application includes other bonus features such as a free and live resume review from expert resume writers, plus mock interviews that help enhance an applicant’s knowledge about what to expect during a real one.

Over the years, there has been a noticeable gap in the career industry because of the outdated interview advice that job candidates have been privy to. Interviewly is here to give the clients fresh advice from the point of view of current career world challenges.

Travis C. Patterson, interview coach and the founder of the Interviewly application, is proud to say that this program is the culmination of his ten years of service in aiding job applicants to find success. As the highly-competitive job market continues to develop every year along with technology, so does Patterson’s motivation to support job seekers.

To sum it up, Interviewly exists to provide a comprehensive guide to help aspirants widen their horizons and discover job opportunities tailored to their capabilities and ultimately get into their dream careers.

As government copy editor Tanya Ramey stated in her review, Interviewly is “an awesome app! I believe your app will help many, and it’s going to change how job seekers prepare for employment. It’s quite engaging, and it lets job seekers know that they’re not alone. As we all know, searching for a job is a job within itself, and I believe Interviewly will make the process a lot easier.”

Currently, the Interviewly mobile application is available in over 175 countries. It is winning the hearts of job seekers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Nigeria, to name a few.

1ON1 With Travis C. Patterson –

SM – Hey Travis tell us about what your promoting and the details around it?

TP: I am promoting my app, Interviewly and its courses. The free course which is loaded with value heard nowhere else is titled The Interview Activator. It helps job candidates access more job interviews to ultimately access more job offers. The goal is to stop settling for few choices and choose higher pay and better opportunities.

SM – What is the inspiration behind what you do?

TP: Over the past 10 years, I have helped people get jobs and interview with confidence. Over time, I also realized that they were also getting pay raises in their very next job. I made the formula to replicate those results for anyone. I grew up poor just like my parents did before me. My dad took care of his family of four with earning under $3hr over 20 years of working. I started my business to help end generations from living paycheck to paycheck by improving their job search and interview execution.

SM – Why is Interviewly so valuable to you? And why now?

TP: In a world where more people across the globe now have access to more employment choices, companies are forced to create more remote jobs. For the first time ever, candidates are dumping their 10-20 year jobs for what feels like greener grass because of the options they now have. I am providing strategy during this Great Resignation, semi-post pandemic.

SM – What’s unique about this tech separates it from the rest?

TP: The training is unrelatable and outdated. I have been the candidate, the recruiter, the owner, the person to terminate, and the person to coach to better job opportunities. It’s time coaching caught up with the present.

SM – Who was a part of this project that contributed to its success?

TP: Travis C. Patterson, Nicole Lassiter, Keisha Reed

SM – How was Interviewly put together and how does it benefit the consumers?

TP: The training is tiered into 3 phases. Phase 1, Activate more interviews and offers. Phase 2, Accelerate your interview confidence and results. Phase 3, Elevate your pay and offer package. The app provides structure and insight never before heard or seen.

SM – What message are you hoping to get across to the people by doing what you do?

TP: The message that I hope to convey is that job candidates no longer have to settle for work they hate and pay that isn’t great. There is now

SM – What are some other things people can expect from you in the near future?

TP: More personalized live workshops, and direct hiring/staffing through partnerships.

SM – How many countries is Interviewly available in? 

TP: Interviewly is available in 176 countries and people from underprivileged and thought deprived communities are now fighting back. Interviewly is changing the rules to getting jobs, effective immediately.


Country: United States

Media Contact: Travis C. Patterson

For press inquiries contact Travis@TravisCPatterson.com Phone number: 4048551208

Interviewly is available for download on both GOOGLE PLAY STORE and APPLE’S APP STORE & online at https://prrtrainingandconsulting.com/interviewly/

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