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Founders of Black-Owned Vegan Burger Brand Land $300K Deal on ‘Shark Tank’

Meet Duane “Myko” Cheers, Danita Claytor, and Jumoke Jackson, the friends and co-founders of Everything Legendary, a Black-owned vegan burger brand that can be found in your local grocery store. Earlier this year, they landed a $300,000 investment deal on Shark Tank, and since then, the brand has become one of the fastest-growing plant-based businesses in the country.

Back in February, the trio pitched their business idea to the Sharks and ultimately inked a deal with billionaire investor Mark Cuban for $300,000 investment in exchange for 22% equity. Cuban’s support helped them reach new customers instantly. In fact, they sold over $250,000 worth of burgers online within just 24 hours of the episode airing.

“This gives us the resources that allow us to position our brand against any competitor, where I know we will win on the flavor and quality,” Cheers told VegWorld Magazine. “For me, this investment is extremely personal. It is a validation of my ‘never give up’ philosophy. I heard ‘no’ 1,000,001 times over the years, but this one ‘yes’ moment changes everything.”

The Washington DC-based company is inspired by the founders’ desire to provide healthy and tasty food to their mothers, who were battling illnesses at that time. They developed a flavorful burger that is plant-based, GMO-free, soy-free, and without artificial preservatives.

“We all know that today’s consumers are demanding that their food be nutritious and supercharged with flavor,” said Cheers. “Our brand delivers. It’s Mom-Approved. And now, it’s also Shark-Sanctioned.”

Everything Legendary is currently shipping its products nationwide. It is also set to be sold in several grocers and retailers such as Acme, Safeway, and Giant. 

For more information about Everything Legendary and/or to order online, visit GoLegendary.com

Source: BlackBusinesscom

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