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A Drive-In Festival To Be Held In A Parking Lot Outside of New York’s Yankee Stadium

As New Yorkers continue to work on flattening the curve in response to the current pandemic. Many places are trying to figure out what will become the new normal now that the city has been changed due to COVID-19. According to CNN, one hospitality group is throwing it back as they look to bring the joys of entertainment back to the city, but in a safer way outside of Yankee Stadium.

There will be a limit of 200 cars that will be allowed to register for each event, and they will be asked to park 10 feet away from each other to abide by the social distancing guidelines. Other aspects such as car side food service will be explored that way guests will not have to get out of their vehicles.

When it comes to entertainment, a lifted stage with large screens in a large lot near Yankee Stadium where talent will perform. The sound will be streamed from a PA system to attendee’s cars.

Source/  TheShadeRoom



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