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Di’or Ft. Brvo’s – “Starline”

Beaming down with cosmic vibes, the stars have aligned for Di’or and Brvo’s new single “Starline.”

Accompanied by a high quality visual with amazing make-up and costumes, Di’or and Brvo prove that peace, love and unity prevail over all.

“When they played the skeleton of this song i just felt something otherworldly. I felt like this is song of peace, love, unity and respect,” Di’or explained. “Saying I’m not from this earth is another way of saying there’s more than what meets the eyes when you see me. It’s exploring the universe within and inviting people into depths unseen on the surface.”

Inspired by a real life dream, Di’or created the whole concept for the visual on her own.

“The concept for the video came to me in a dream and I saw the whole video concept in my head. When I woke up, I sketched it scene by scene in my notebook, like a comic book and boom!” she said.

Fans of Di’or can expect to hear more genres of music seeping out of the speakers as she plans to release music outside of EDM and trance music.

“Starline is actually a one of a kind single for me. It was originally a collaboration between me BRVO and Feefa for a EP called Senshi Gold. As I’ve evolved I’m more so an eclectic soul and I’m looking forward to releasing my EP to showcase more of the vibe i give outside of trance and EDM.”

Having performed at open-mics and small performances throughout her local area, Di’or hopes to expand her fan base with this and subsequent releases by releasing nondenominational artistry.

“My goal is to touch people who may not know my song is what they need in their lives. I’m hoping to gain interest, entertain and inspire people who can appreciate original nondenominational artistry. Ultimately, I’m building my brand with a good foundation to give it a fighting chance in this new age music industry as an independent.”

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