Denzel Washington Is Praised For Intervening With Cops And ‘Distressed Homeless Man’

Former basketball player Rex Chapman posted the video to Twitter, writing, “Denzel Washington saw a commotion in West Hollywood with cops and an unarmed distressed homeless man. He got out of his car and served as a barrier between the man and the police — helping to diffuse a tense situation. This man was arrested safely.”

Washington received praise from people on social media.

“I applaud Denzel for doing this. It shouldn’t have to be the case because this still could have gone left. But unlike some celebs who want to victim blame today, he actually stepped in and did something,” wrote one Twitter user

“Thank you Denzel Washington for stepping in when you did who know what would of happened to that homeless man if you hadn’t intervene [sic] when you did,” wrote another user.


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