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Imprisoned Man Currently Serving Life Seeks Support from The Public for A Wrongful Conviction

Imprisoned Man Currently Serving Life Seeks Support from The Public for A Wrongful Conviction

Trapped in a system that coerces and obstructs the due administration of justice.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 28, 2022 


Newark, NJ – David Allen has been confined for over the last 20 years by a system that violates human rights and who has obstructed the due administration of justice by refusing him the right to prove his innocence as promised by the Constitution of the United States,” according to Kam Allen, BBU 7 Society.

“The system charged 3 other people in the murder while pinning it all on David while using lack of evidence to support their case,” Allen said.

This news came in the wake of the New Jersey 2021 Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics with 97 percent convictions, at both federal and state levels resulting from guilty pleas, with only 3 percent going to trial. These facts reflect the guilty plea taken from David Allen, as well as the 52 of the 59 indicted defendants in the Operation Nine Connect guilty pleas taken by the Division of Criminal Justice.

“This fight is not just for myself to come out and live the life I have lost already. But if my life is the price that I am paying with, then let it not be in vain,” says David.

Take Action and Sign the Petition https://www.change.org/p/us-department-of-justice-justice-for-king-david-allen-8cc52e1f-755a-40c1-b8ac-d4a1702a6746 to give truth the chance to be heard!

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