Cliff Vmir Releases His Latest Single “Blow”

Cliff Vmir is the inspiration behind his own artwork for his latest single “Blow” looking slick and sassy. Filled with love, confidence, and bubble gum, he flaunts one of his SXSW 2019 performance stage looks sketched out as a cartoon animation.To no surprise, Cliff continues to blow minds with poppin’ wordplay throughout the two and half minute record. “Mr. Kill A B*tch In Any Season” kicks it off with his hard hitting metaphoric flow as he transfers into the chorus rhyming about doing his own thing, not needing a co-sign and having the money to blow. Take a listen to the rising superstar’s hot new banger below.

On March 29th, Cliff Vmir took over the The Fillmore stage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for DJ Diamond Kuts and Friends: The Diamond District event. The trailblazing celebrity hairstylist turned emcee had the opportunity to be apart of a strong line up of performers including TrinaG HerboLee MazinMeliiCoi Leray, and many more. The crowd was packed, on their feet and moving while Vmir put on a performance that the audience just couldn’t get enough of. Performing songs off of his upcoming EP, Welcome To My Reality, it was clear Cliff left the crowd wanting more.

Last month for the first time ever, Cliff went to SXSW 2019, a unified conference that blends the worlds of music, film, culture, music and technology together. He went as an emerging artist and performer who was booked for eight shows! Most artists go for the networking and experience for the first couple of years in the music industry but Cliff Vmir’s dedication, hard work, solid foundation and surrounding team made sure he went to Texas booked and busy.
He jump started his SXSW 2019 experience, March 13th, on the SXSW stage for The Padded Room Concert Series hosted by DJ Waffles. On March 14th, Cliff took the stage for The P.M. Firm Presents: D.N.A SXSWWith sounds by DJ SPKDJ Lachii, and DJ Wav. With two days and two successful shows already wrapped, Cliff performs three live shows on March 15th. The first show was turned with all eyes on him at Fresh Court powered by Stage 1837Drumsquad Records, and Honorable Court followed by the Hustlers Only Artist Showcase with a headlining performance by Cliff Vmir. For the last show of the day the “Pink City” lyricist had the crowd hype at The New Wave Urban Sound Stagepresented by DJ Wav. For his final two performances in Austin, he showed up and showed out! Accompanied by Hot97’s Hip Hop Mike and DJ Magic along with Atlantic City’s resident DJ, DJ So Wavveyy, Cliff shuts it down at SXSW Hip Hop House Party on March 16th. He concluded his SXSW 2019 experience with his Rip The Mic Soundstageperformance presented by Hustle Streetz Records.