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Milwaukee Artist Cheedoe Premieres New Music

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 31, 2022                               

CONTACT: Angela Boykin- Media Liaison

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Milwaukee Artist Cheedoe Premieres New Music

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Owner of MTR Ent Record Label (More Than Rap) Joshua “Cheedoe” Wallace drops a new mixtape called Cheedoes Legacy hosted by DJ Legacy. Cheedoe has released one album, thirty-five singles, five mixtapes, and fifteen videos in the past year. He has been featured in several news outlets and has been selected to work with some of the best producers and artists in the industry.

“My short-term goal is to build a loyal fan base and sustain my family from my craft,” says Wallace.

MTR offers writing services, stage/live performances, and artist features. Joshua started making music at the age of eight and he knew this is what he’d always be doing. Collaborating with like-minded aspiring artists has afforded him the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Follow Cheedoe on social media: Twitter @bigcheedoe

Instagram @mroyeah

Facebook @mroyeah36

SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/mr-oyeah-n-imndagame

Visit online: www.reverbnation.com/Cheedoe36

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