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Meet Chabo Reyes: Newest Signee of EQ Distribution

Orlando, Florida emcmee Chabo Reyes is putting on for his city in a major. Having recently landed a distribution deal with Equity distribution under Roc Nation, he has reached an all time high in career. Currently working on his forthcoming EP Chabo, wants the world to know that Orlando is the next city to takeover the music scene.

I had the pleasure of catching up with him for quick interview. As he candidly discusses working with EQ, and being inspired by Mannie Fresh, it is clear that he was born a star. Check it out below. 

Chabo Reyes Interview  

Stardom: As you have recently landed a distribution deal with Equity under Roc Nation, what has that experience been like for you?

Chabo Reyes: The experience was fulfilling. It was the second time meeting with Rel Carter from Roc Nation, and speaking to him one on one. I told him how I wanted to be a part of something bigger than me and I was ready to take his advice as law to get to the next level in my career. So we chopped it up and he told me just work Chabo, network as much as possible, and build with those you want to work with long term. 

That talk, helped elevate me in ways I did not see coming. I told him the second time meeting with him and Devin White, that I appreciate the talks we have had. With their help, they got me in front of EQ distribution team and the rest I can already tell will be history. Shout out to those guys, much love. 

Stardom: How have people been responding to your “Big Tymers” record? 

Chabo: The response to it has been crazy. I did not expect as much love for this song as I love it. It always feels good when the audience receives my music the way I do. It is a reminder that I have a ear for it, and I’m always grateful for the positive feedback.

It is so dope when people send me videos of them listening to my music. It is extremely organic because no one has to ask them to take time out to listen to the record. So for those who listen to Chabo Reyes Big Tymers, thank you so much it means a lot to me. 

Stardom: Why did you decide to pay homage to Mannie Fresh?

Chabo: Mannie Fresh is a living legend. The first album I ever bought was Lil Wayne’s 500 Degrees and till this day it is still my favorite album. The album was produced by Mannie Fresh and I have been a fan of his production work every since. His group Big Tymers and the conglomerate of what everyone knows today as Cash Money. Inspire me heavily.

I will be the one to let him know how much of an impact his production style has had on my career. Why wouldn’t I give the man his flowers while he is still here. I cannot wait to meet him one day and possibly get a record in.

Stardom: What does it mean to you being a rapper from Orlando, with the buzzing music scene in Florida?

Chabo: Orlando’s Very Own. The city is filled with so much talent and hard working musicians. So happy to see my peers flourish on the big stage. I have always known since a youth that I would impact the lives of many in a positive, happy, and fun type of way. Orlando has always lived in the shadow of Atlanta.

In passing I would always here people trying to figure out how to be like “The A”, but to be honest I’m glad we figured it out our own way. The market chooses who they like. They don’t care where you are from. As long as it is real organic, people will talk and speak on your behalf. 

Stardom: What are you currently working on? 

Chabo: Currently I am working on an EP produced by my go to guys T Shot It and Ayo n Keys. They are the next duo coming out of Sucio & Red camp. I have records coming with Villz, Leegit, Gabby, and plenty more up and coming artists. I am super excited to let people hear more of what I have in store.

Stardom: When can we expect a new visual?

Chabo: Looking to release visuals for Big Tymers Mid September. Stay up to date with me, by following me on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @ChaboReyes.

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