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Actor Turned CEO Changes the World One Film at A Time

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 12th, 2022

CONTACT: Angela Boykin-Media Liaison
1 (804) 800-7827

Actor Turned CEO Changes the World One Film at A Time

The Netflix for independent content creators.

Los Angeles, CA – 2nd Team Entertainment birthed earlier this year, is a brand-new TV Streaming
Network rated one of the top streaming platforms that house award winning timeless independent
content creations, according to CEO Bryan Maurice.

Bryan Maurice has blessed us with his work as an actor and producer for several years as he developed
his brand in the entertainment industry. He continues to fuel his passion with more focus on how others
access content. I call us “The Netflix of Indie but we are striving to just be plain old better than the usual
platform,” Bryan said.

2 nd Team Entertainment Network have both live streaming 24/7 & VOD for all content, and host films
and series for only $5 a month on Roku and Fire TV. They also Partner with over twelve production
companies and businesses including USC: Film School. Viewers can find a ton of great undiscovered work
for a low price and creators get higher residual compensation more than Amazon Prime and YouTube
combined. “We want to be the only streaming platform that people use and turn to for exciting new
content not found anywhere else online,” says Bryan.

For more information, Email: 2ndteamproductions@gmail.com
Roku: 2nd Team Entertainment
Fire TV: Team Entertainment
Or visit https://2ndteamentertainment.com/

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