Brandon Scott, Baltimore’s newest 52nd Mayor who is determined to making city streets safer

Brandon Scott, a 36-year-old Democrat, was sworn-in as Baltimore’s new mayor Tuesday afternoon in a private ceremony inside City Hall.

Scott, who’s the city’s 52nd mayor, is starting his new job at a historically tough time. The city has recorded more than 300 homicides for the sixth year in a row, and its population, businesses and tax revenues have not been spared by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am not naïve to the challenges we face,” Scott said in his first speech as mayor. “You have trusted me to be your mayor in this critical moment. Through fresh thinking, transparency professionalism, integrity, and hard work, we can meet these challenges.”

“I know you agree that the status quo cannot continue and under my leadership, it will not. Under my leadership, we will chart a new way for for Baltimore,” he continued.

Scott said he will be dedicated to making city streets safer.

“The trauma and violence in our city is personal for you, just like it is for me,” he continued. “Reducing murders in our city will not be easy, but it’s a challenge we must attack, because we have to. Our crime fighting strategies, clearly, have not yielded the results we need as we continue to lose too many people to violence. And those who are committing these acts remain comfortable on our streets. This is unacceptable and will change.”

As for the COVID pandemic, Scott said he will not waiver or hesitate to make decisions that save lives.

“I want to ensure that every Baltimorean wears a mask. I want to ensure that every Baltimorean can get tested and have access to the vaccine, our decisions will not always be easy, and often will feel harsh, but they will always be guarded by the advice of public health officials,” he said.

And although Scott promised to resume recycling collection that was upended by the COVID pandemic, he also said he wants to move Baltimore toward a zero waste future.

Baltimore’s young people are its greatest untapped resource, Scott added.

Source: CBS Baltimore

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