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Black Videographer Launches Tech Startup to Increase Black Representation in the Digital Media Industry










Meet Imani Lee, MBA, founder of Black Stock Footage, LLC, a new stock video platform that is 100% focused on Black people, cultures, hues, phenotypes, and activities. The early-stage tech startup will empower video content creators with better access to stock footage that makes it easier for them to include Black representation in their video projects. This platform is designed for advertising agencies, marketing companies, freelance video creators, small businesses, and media outlets who want better access to diverse video clips.

“As a professional videographer, many of my clients expect their videos to include Black representation. I’ve experienced the challenges of not having enough access to stock footage that highlights Black people and culture. This lack of supply is a growing problem that many video creators face every day,” said Imani Lee, MBA, founder of Black Stock Footage. “We’re creating a real solution that will help fix an ongoing problem in the digital media industry.”

Features and benefits include:

• Better visibility and representation through downloadable video clips that showcase the variety of hues, phenotypes, and activities of Black people of different ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds.

• Robust and user-friendly platform that will give content creators an innovative way to search for high-quality stock footage that amplifies Black representation.

• Story-driven 4K and HD stock footage that showcases everyday Black life and the stories of Black people from around the world.

• With affordable monthly or yearly subscription packages, content creators will have access to unlimited downloads of royalty-free footage and universal licensing for personal or commercial use.

Black Stock Footage is raising seed capital to develop its initial beta website platform, enroll videographer contributors, build its subscriber base, and create strategic business partnerships. The startup plans to launch its beta stock footage platform in fall 2021.

For more information on how this tech startup is creating the largest stock footage platform focused on Black people, cultures, and activities, visit BlackStockFootage.co

Black Stock Footage, LLC is the #1 stock footage platform 100% focused on Black people. It is a subscription-based platform offering unlimited downloads of video clips that showcases a variety of hues, cultures, phenotypes, activities, and experiences.

For press inquiries, contact Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy at hello@blackstockfootage.io

Source: BlackBusiness


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