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Antwan Hughes Jr., a Teen From North Carolina Becomes Fastest 16-Year-Old in the Country

Antwan Hughes Jr., a 16-year-old African American teen from Winston Salem, North Carolina, now holds the title of the fastest 16-year-old in the United States after setting a new national record during the AAU Junior Olympics.

Antwan finished the 100-meter dash in just 10.48 seconds, beating second-place finisher Jerrae Hawkins by .02 seconds.

“I went into the race knowing I was going to win because I set that goal that I was going to win,” Hughes told 11Alive. “When I got to the line, I just kept the same momentum I had, telling myself I was going to win. When I got out the dude was beside me, but then the last 20 I pulled away and won the race.”

Antwan’s recent achievement came after a setback as he couldn’t perform during his previous track season due to injury. But with the help of his father Antwan Hughes Sr., who is also his coach, he relentlessly worked towards his recovery. He kept his rigorous workouts and high protein intake to get back in shape and exceed his goals.

Antwan, who is currently a student at Parkland High School, says that his next goal is to go to D1 in college and then go pro.

“My plan is to go to D1 in college and go pro that’s my plan and always been my goal, that’s what I am planning to do,” he said.

News Source: BlackNews / Written Credits to: BlackNews 

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