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Author Anthony Jameyson Releases New Book “Happiness Loves Company Too”

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Author Anthony Jameyson Releases New Book
“Happiness Loves Company Too”

The book that rediscovers self-love.

East Atlanta, GA – Author Anthony Jameyson releases his new book entitled Happiness Loves Company
Too, promoting self-love and internal happiness. This body of work is an introduction to the key
principles of living a life full of positivity. “Happiness is a choice and misery don’t deserve your
company,” says Jameyson.

Anthony Jameyson is also a Bi-vocational Pastor of two ministries in the Metro Atlanta Area. He is
changing the spectrum of the cliche that misery loves company, while discovering his own happiness by
overcoming toxicity of past relationships. He now knows that happiness loves company too. Anthony is
the Founder of Love & Relationships Podcast where he engages people from all levels of failed
relationships. His podcast has helped numerous people overcome everyday life circumstances in their
relationships. His dedication as a Relationship Mentor continues to lead people back to a place of

To order Happiness Loves Company Too visit anthonyjameyson.com

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