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Activist Tarana Burke Inks Production Deal With CBS Studios

“Creating space for new narratives has always been an integral part of cultural change work,” Burke said in a statement.

Several broadcasting companies have been putting the focus on amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups, and in doing so they’ve enlisted influential individuals in the activism space to bring diverse stories to the forefront. According to Deadline, one of the latest changemakers to ink a major production deal is #MeToo founder Tarana Burke.

The Bronx-bred activist bravely and boldly shared her harrowing experiences related to sexual assault to empower other victims to share their stories in an effort to heal. Her advocacy work started far before the creation of the #MeToo movement. As a teen, she worked for a youth development organization and spearheaded grassroots campaigns centered on economic justice, systemic racism, and inequities surrounding housing. Through her community organizing and activism work, she witnessed and embraced the power that personal stories hold and how instrumental they can be in evoking change. Now Burke and her production partner Mervyn Marcano will bring compelling and impactful stories to CBS Studios.

Under the deal—which will be through Burke and Marcano’s production company Field/House Productions—the two will develop scripted and unscripted content for CBS Studios’ streaming platforms and television networks. Staying true to the essence of their production company’s mission, Burke and Marcano want to use this partnership as an avenue to highlight diverse narratives and advance inclusivity.

“Creating space for new narratives has always been an integral part of cultural change work,” Burke said in a statement, according to the news outlet. “Field/House is a platform for those new narratives. This partnership gives us the reach and scale to ensure that we build new audiences for new voices.” Marcano added that they’re focused on cultivating “a pipeline of culturally progressive programming with their diverse network of creatives and storytellers.”

News about Burke and Marcano’s deal comes months after CBS Television Studios inked a multi-year partnership with the NAACP to develop projects that capture the essence of the Black experience in America.

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