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199x:Nostalgia Shows Sinsier’s Excellence

Sinsier Notes About 199x:Nostalgia

199x:nostalgia conceptually came from my personal and overall life experiences. This EP was created from about 2014 until about 2018. Through that time frame is where the idea for the EP to be generated. Songs like Initial Thoughts stems from the dark periods in my life where I was feeling like it’s more to life than this struggle, I wanted to get away. I wanted to be physically, mentally, and financially liberated. Trippy Smalls came from smoking weed and studying biggie listening to 90s music trying to capture that feel. We$tSide came from my first experience in California. It motivated me to get in the booth and rap about the culture, the experience, and the artist that brought the influence cause you can hear the G-Funk in the track, and Nate Dogg like hook. 

Also, it had me shouting out the legends Mac, Dre, E-40, Snoop, and Nipsey Hussle. Memory Bank came about when my grandmother died. If you hear it, you’ll notice the emotion and my feelings. Hustler’$ Nostalgia was an embodiment of 2pacs “I’m getting money” but from the perspective of two people in circumstances that they both overcoming and see better for those around them. Limewire was something I felt I can cruise too, The vision and Dear Dilla are my favorites. Dear Dilla was me talking to hip hop personally  like it saved me! Can you save?! Are you my way to speak to the people? Are you my way out? The vision finally was the introduction to me and also an introduction to my 2nd project if you catch on.

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