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1 on 1 with Author Tim Adeyingbo about his autobiography book “God is Behind Me”


– God is Behind Me Everywhere I Go –

SM – Greetings Tim! and Happy New Year! Can you share more about what your promoting and the details around it?

Greetings everyone!!! I’m promoting my Autobiography Book which is called “God is Behind Me” and pretty much the brief synopsis about this book, you will see the life story of what I’ve been through. Even though the middle of the storm of venting frustration, being in toxic relationships, dealing with self-doubt, battling with a learning disability while dealing with the negative stereotypes, and so on, I’m still able to put a smile on and remain militant because with God behind me every step of the way, I’m protected no matter what knowing that a better day is already here.

SM – What is the inspiration behind what you do?

The Inspiration behind this about what I do, Honestly, being able to tell my story to help others who’s been in tough situations or something similar to mines in my community and everyone across the world. We all been through obstacles in life that we are trying to overcome, the pain that comes with it, it’s only temporary because with God on our side, we can make it through anything.

SM – We understand you are a man of value, why is this book so valuable to you? And why release it  now?

This is valuable to me because as stated previously, being able to tell my story to help others is one of biggest my callings here on this Earth and now, it’s a great time to spread this message because we were born to serve and help others. Furthermore, with my story, it can help others better themselves and elevate their mind.

SM – What’s unique about this book that separates it from the rest?

The unique thing about this book and what separates from the rest, it is very real, deep, spiritual but most importantly, relatable.

SM – Who was a part of this book project that contributed to its success?

As far as who was a part of this project, everyone that I encountered along the journey rather if it’s Relatives, Friends, Business Partners, Acquaintances, Classmates and so on. I would like to acknowledge everyone that played a role in shaping and molding me into the person I am today.

SM – How long did it take to book this book together? 

This project been in the works for about a decade but I started working on it two years ago around the Pandemic/Quarantine season and released it the following year on Amazon on my Birthday which is October 30th. Moreover, this book will benefit everyone especially in my community because of the knowledge and information I dropped in it and how it can help everyone prosper in their daily lives.

SM – What message are you hoping to get across to the people through this book?

My message to the masses: Figure out what your purpose in life is and what you want to do. Once you do that, Pray and Manifest that everything will work out. Next, make that plan of action, set realistic goals you want to attack and accomplish daily. Lastly, execute it and achieve that project or business you always dreamed of having. Remember, “We are the shift in this generation, build that empire and make this world a better place.”

SM – What are some other things people can expect from you in the near future?

I do have some upcoming projects in the near future and I’m currently working on my Second Book which will be released soon. So be on the lookout for that.

To order Tim Adeyingbo book on Amazon Click: https://www.amazon.com/God-Behind-Me-Autobiography-Adeyingbo-ebook/dp/B09G9FQRR7/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=god+is+behind+me&qid=1631813175&s=digital-text&sr=1-3

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