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Wes Krave – “Goin Hard” (Video) | @WesKrave

After the successful release of his latest album, By The Code, Wes Krave returns with another single from the album, “Goin Hard.” The Last Of The Mo Records release follows the successful release of his previous single, “Shake & Bake,” which garnered Wes Krave over 100,000 collective streams. “Goin Hard” plans to follow in excellence’s footsteps, with 20,000+ streams since its recent release. This comes as no surprise, thanks to hard-hitting production matched with Wes Krave’s aggressive flows and use of vivid imagery, overall highlighting his talent and love for the art form.

Prior to By The Code’s release, industry insiders were betting on it being the one that brings Wes Krave to a large global audience. As evidenced by his 15,000+ monthly listeners and tens of thousand streams, those bets were right. In an industry where most rappers play follow the leader, offering nothing unique to the game, Wes Krave comes through like a breath of fresh air. No gimmicks. No clout chasing or facades. Just good music to stack up to. So, catch the new wave by tuning in to “Goin Hard” and watch as Wes Krave continues to make his way to the top of the industry.

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