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Russell Westbrook, Crenshaw YMCA, and The Jordan Brand Partner with Christina Cooper

The generous donation by the Jordan Brand and Russell Westbrook’s Why Not? Foundation has reinvigorated the facility and inspired the Y kids who use the courts since they had a hand in the redesign and a voice throughout the process. 

In addition to the revitalization of the branch, the collaboration includes the all-new Russell Westbrook Why Not? Hub Space and Academy is a six-week program geared toward fostering relationships through the power of sport, tech, and culture aimed at middle school-age children.

This program offers youth resources to support their dreams and aspirations through leadership and tech training while aligning with the LA Y’s commitment to providing equitable programming that strengthens neighborhoods. 

The Crenshaw YMCA, the Jordan Brand, and Russell Westbrook had an event for the Why Not? Movement, with the helping hand of Crenshaw YMCA, lead Veda Ramsay-Stamps.

They also branched the direction of the Why Not Her? campaign to “Step Into Her Shoes” initiative highlights women that are making moves in their respective careers. At this event, they brought out many well-accomplished women, including a Crenshaw native who attended the Crenshaw YMCA and a film director and television producer named Christina Cooper.

Marisa Sinclair and Blake Williams interviewed Cooper on the story and purpose behind her transition from attending the youth center to making movies.

She participated at the Crenshaw YMCA for their Youth and Government program when she was younger.

Cooper now has a career as a movie producer and actress for networks such as BET, Peacock, and Netflix, to name a few.

She’s returned to the Crenshaw YMCA to share her expertise and advice with her fellow youth to inspire them to reach their dreams instead of resorting to the dangerous streets.

She believes the center has influenced her to stay busy in a productive way and has saved her life in so many more ways than one. The YMCA continues to provide an avenue for many more youths now with more help from contributors such as Westbrook and the Jordan Brand.

News Source: EURWeb / Written Credits to: Yolanda Baruch

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