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Producer Anweezy Releases “Fou (Crazy)” Featuring Media Fuego

Ethiopian-American producer Anweezy releases “Fou (Crazy)” featuring France rising star Media Fuego. Hailing from Virginia, this creative took his musical gifts to new heights in 2020. Honing in on his production skills, he has created an amazing sound, destined for greatness. By adding Media Fuego to this song, Anweezy has created a record that many will vibe to with ease. 

This French record gets very personal and raw. As you will hear Media Fuego discussing internal battles, he is allowing listeners to tap into his creativity on a deeper level. While he has not being able to trust people and feels like he cannot depend on his close friends and family members, he expresses his raw feeling in a sonically pleasing way. The most impressive part of this song is the level of confidence Fuego expresses the moment he begins flowing.

Some notable lyrics from this release includes “Sometime I think I’m crazy, I fear nothing like I’m drunk, I’m in a daze I don’t feel my pulse anymore, the concurrency, red riding hood, I’m the wolf”. Anweezy crafted up the perfect beat that meshes well with the French artist’s distinct vocals. It is eerie enough to catch your attention and keep you wanting more. Tap in with these creatives by streaming their “Fou (Crazy)” single below.

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