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P 80 – “For You” Ft. Selina Carrera

Recently NYC based rapper P-80 delivered his new single “For You” Ft. Selina Carrera. The single can be found on P-80’s upcoming project Idle thoughts and is produced by Grammy Award Winning producer Omen.

“My music is a representation of the life I live. I started rapping when I was eleven. I grew up listening to mostly house music and classic soul. The only rap I heard was on the radio and I wasn’t really into it until Biggie died, then my attention gravitated to it,” P-80 explained.

Adorning a green hoodie and a stoic face on the album art, this song’s art speaks to the depth with which love can go.

“I wrote For You because I needed a record for the ladies on my project. I needed somebody to sing the hook” P-80 recalled. “Omen introduced me to Selina Carrera and we made heat.”

On the hook Selina Carrera sings, “Ride for me and I’ll ride for you, and no I in we take your time with me / Oh babe, I’m ready for you, only for you / If you hold me then I’ll fly with you / Don’t you lie to me and I won’t lie to you / Oh babe I’m here for you”

While there are host of comparisons for both of the artists on this track, you can see for yourself as P-80 flips this track for the ladies in a way the homies can appreciate as Omen’s magical keys sprinkle over the track.

“I thought music was magic when I was younger… like you had to be chosen by God to do it. Before I knew what a studio was or writing rhymes was of course. Then in junior high, one of my classmates brought his rap book to school. It inspired me to start writing and I ain’t stop yet,” he added.

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