New Video: DeeDay – Get Like Me (@DeeDay504)

New Orleans native DeeDay offers some melodic assertations in his “Get Like Me” video, produced by Benihana Boy and directed by Roux Productions.

“I was inspired to write ‘Get Like Me’ out of frustration for being overlooked,” DeeDay says of his motivation behind the song. “I do a lot of things in the background that I don’t get much credit for. It is really just me expressing how I feel – that I’m different than a lot of artists, and what separates me from the pack.”

DeeDay’s fans have long appreciated his lyrical gifts, and he has delivered solid projects in the past. With his upcoming album, however, DeeDay is digging deep to give listeners new perspective in his songwriting. “My new project is so much different from anything else I put out. I experimented with different sounds with production, and also with my voice . There’s a whole new side of DeeDay the world will get to see on this project. So far I have Wiz Khalifa featured on it, also legendary 2 Live Crew, and I am still in works with a few features.”

DeeDay has a vision for himself beyond the records, and there is no stopping his ambition. “At this point in my career it’s bigger than music with me,” he asserts. “I’m trying to corner every aspect of this industry. I opened up a multi-media center in New Orleans last year, which has been a huge success for me. I’m in process of shooting my first film I produced and wrote, along with the music… I’m coming for it all!”