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Josh Scottt’s “Texas” Single Is A Must Listen

Louisiana artist Josh Scottt is next up to blow in the south. Coming fresh off the release of his “Texas” single,  he is preparing to have a very successful music year. This new single serves as the lead record to his forthcoming EP scheduled to be released later this year.

On “Texas” you will hear this rising superstar lyrically annihilate this track. His lethal tongue mixed with the steadfast beat, creates an infectious vibe for music listeners worldwide. You will hear Scott effortlessly making several punchlines that reference the great state of Texas. He candidly mentions how things in Texas are slower and how it is okay to slow down a little bit.

With COVID-19 still captivating the lives of many, this release is right on time. Scottt has been working on perfecting his craft during quarantine and this release is a step in the right direction. What makes his flows standout among the pack is the fact that he is able to turn off his southern accent to make sure anyone listening to his music can relate and tap in.

Press play below to stream Josh Scottt’s  new “Texas” single and enjoy some real Hip Hop!

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