Flo Rida Gives Back To Help After Hurricane Ian Leaves Community In Shambles

Florida native and rapper Flo Rida has kicked in to help those disenfranchised by Hurricane Ian, the category 4 storm that devastated the state when it touched down at the end of September.

The chart-topper partnered with Miami Gardens to team up with relief and rescue.

According to CBS Miami News, the “Low” rapper sponsored a trailer that will bring supplies to the Harlem Heights community, a neighborhood to the north of Fort Myers after they petitioned the city to help them.

He said, “I feel like it is very important that we give back, in any shape or form.”

“What we are doing is feeling up this trailer, so that we can go and help the community of Harlem Heights that’s going through the devastation,” he explained as he referenced what seemed to be a semi-trailer eighteen-wheeler filled with much-needed resources.

The star added, “It is important when you are blessed to be a blessing. From day one of my career, I always thought that if anything happens and I am financially stable, I am going to give back.”

The rapper stood with Reggie Leon, the vice mayor of Miami Gardens, who said, “It could be us next week. So, we want to make sure that we continue to support our sister city.”

In addition to helping those impacted by the hurricane, he went a local school in Miami Gardens and helped celebrate the school custodial engineers on National Custodian Day.

He posted on Instagram, “Scott Lake Elementary School welcome me and the @theimgallstars with open arms. Glad I was able to help show them that all positions in school is just as important as the next. @oyababyy @variefresh3 @intlnephew”

In addition to the Hip-Hop star coming and inspiring the children to celebrate the janitors, the parents in the PTA took over the custodial staff’s duties for the day, and one employee who walks hours to and from work every day received a new car.

News Source: AllHipHop / Written Credits: Kershaw St. Jawnson

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